About C/I

About C/I

C/I’s mission is to inspire and equip underserved students with the skills in computing, leadership, and professionalism needed to thrive in the Internet economy and beyond.

C/I’s year-round programs introduce students from underserved communities to the creative power of technology through the teaching of hard and soft skills. By providing hands-on training in today’s most relevant technology subject areas, C/I’s programs serve as the building blocks for long-term career paths in technology.


THE OPPORTUNITY GAP: Underserved high school students are not provided with the same opportunities that are given to their more affluent peers

  • 16 million American children live in poverty

    1/2 will remain impoverished for the rest of their lives

  • 30% increase in demand for tech-skilled professionals

    Represents a $500 billion opportunity in the next 10 years

  • Only 1 in 10 public schools nationwide offer CS courses

    Tech-ed access is virtually non-existent for low-income students


C/I PROGRAMMING: C/I provides three programs to help underserved students overcome the Opportunity Gap

  • Code/Interactive: Computer Science Education

    Students attend after-school sessions to learn computer programming

  • Camp/Interactive: Young Entrepreneur Summits

    Students use tech skills to problem solve, business plan, & prototype

  • Career/Interactive: Summer QAmp Internships

    Students complete paid internships at the nations top tech companies


ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITY: C/I narrows the opportunity gap by equipping underserved students with the skills needed to succeed

  • Significant Increase in College Attendance Rates

    C/I students are five times as likely as their peers to go to college

  • A chance to end the cycle of poverty and create a better life

    C/I provides graduates with skills that can double their household income

  • Immediate opportunities to join the work force

    60% of C/I interns are offered full time employment

Our History

CampInteractive was founded in 2001 with the simple goal of empowering inner city youth to realize their potential. CI aimed to break the cycle of poverty inner-city youth by providing positive leadership role models, participation in empowering outdoor leadership experiences, and access to technology training.

With this goal in mind, the first summer program was launched in July 2001. This summer program consisted of 2 weeks of outdoor leadership experience and 2 weeks of intensive technology training.

In September of 2006, CI expanded from a summer camp to a year-round program with the opening of the Tech & Trek Center in the Bronx. Using the Center as a base, CI actively engaged youth throughout the year through academic tutoring, ongoing outdoor trips, and technology workshops. This unique combination of technology and outdoor learning encouraged the development of self-esteem, built character and taught creative technical tools.

Since 2012, CI has strategically advanced towards an expanded mission of inspiring the next generation of tech leaders in underserved communities. With our enhanced mission in mind, CI redesigned its curriculum to increase its focus on technology education and leadership development to better prepare our students specifically for the technology job market. These programs provide our students with training, opportunities to test and develop their technology skills, meaningful on- the-job experience, and exposure to the inspiration of an innovative workplace.

Everything I have learned- everything I know now- I have learned at CI and it’s just about everything I didn’t know I could do.

Poche Wilson, C/I Student & Young Entrepreneur